Tubing Hanger Running Tool components - Drilling Equipment


Through the group’s range of CNC state of the art machinery, we can take on the most advanced jobs and fulfill the highest requirements in terms of tolerances in the market.

Lathes & Milling Machines

With our over 80 combined lathes & milling machines we can take components up to 6000 mm length and up to Ø 1300 mm. This gives the group a potent flexibility in terms of manufacturing various types of components either individually or as part of a bigger project.


With our milling capacity we can take components up to dimensions of 6200 mm X 3000 mm X 1200 mm. We can carry this out in combination of the other disciplines or as part of a bigger project.


Our lathes can take components up to Ø 2200 mm, and with the in total 50 lathes, we have a stark capacity and capability to perform these services. Normally it will be in combination with our other services or part of a bigger project.

Gun Drilling

Gun Drilling

With our capability in our gun drilling services we can go up to 5000 mm length and operate between 1-45 mm. This aspect is valuable to us when offering services within the complex machining segment, either in individual components or as part of an assembly or bigger projects