Advanced mechanical services

With ALLOYANCE we are opening up for a unique cooperation with mechanical production at centre stage. We master engineering, material, material inspections, construction, machining, cutting, punching, bending, welding, surface treatment and documentation. We offer assembly and testing of installations. We will be in a position to initiate and participate in innovation projects with partners and customers – and with other parties.

ALLOYANCE currently has a combined fleet of machinery as follows:

  • 178 welding machines/welding robots
  • 72 integrated lathes/milling machines
  • 67 lathes
  • 58 milling machines
  • 24 folding machines
  • 20 drilling machines
  • 17 cutting machines
  • 11 grinding machines
  • 9 laser machines
  • 6 punching machines

In addition we offer surface treatment, NDT (non destructive testing) and inspection.