DUCTING for HVAC systems

Ducting HVAC


In the oil & gas sector the Alloyance cluster represents the absolute world class competencies. The machining capacity and capability for high complex components with the most challenging tolerances in the business are important aspects. Welding procedures for a vast range of grades of material, state of the art machinery, innovative attitude and reliable short delivery-times, are other important factors.

Some typical products are:

  • HPU – Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Ducting for HVAC
  • Fire Proof Doors
  • Rough Neck
  • Pressure Vessels



Tubing Hanger Running Tool components - Drilling Equipment


In the subsea segment we have broad experience in manufacturing several products and some examples are:

  • Tubing Hanger Running Tool components
  • THOJ – Tubing Hanger Orientation Joint
  • Emergency Recovery Tools
  • Clamp Connectors
  • Handling Tools
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Down Hole Equipment