In Alloyance we possess state of the art assembly-facilities, for testing and also certifying the equipment.

Combined with the machining, welding & cladding capabilities and coating capacity we can manufacture a wide range of products.

For subsea we are amongst other products delivering:

  • Tubing Hanger Running Tool – THRT
  • Tubing Hanger Emergency Recovery Tool – THERT
  • Tubing Hanger Orientation Joint – THOJ
  • Tubing Hanger Handling Tool – THHT
  • Tubing Hanger Handling & Test Tool – THHTT
  • Tubing Hanger Space-out Measurement Tool – THSMT
  • XMT Handling Tool
  • XMT Handling & Test Tool
  • BOP Setting Stand
  • BOP Test Plug
  • Bore Protector
  • Dummy Tubing Hanger
  • Dummy Wellhead
  • Wellhead 18 3/4″
  • Mechanical Tree Cap
  • Conductor Housing
  • Clamp Connectors
  • Drilling & Release Tool
  • Soft Landing Cylinder
  • Torque Tools
  • Cutting Tool Laydown Clamp
  • Subsea Machining / Preparation Unit
  • Subsea Drilling Tool
  • Subsea Torque Limiter
  • Hub Inspection Tool
  • Basket for clamp release tool
  • Rough Necks

If you are looking for individual complex components or complete assemblies fully tested and certified, we will be your right one-stop manufacturing-partner.

We manufacture in accordance to our customers’ drawings, however, we can also assist with engineering if required.