Fire Proof door for Tunnels, offshore, onshore

These fire proof doors have a huge advantage because they are very light compared to the ones from the competitors and thereby costs are saved whilst the safety-element is being maintained.

Fire Proof Doors Light Medium-Heavy Duty

One of the obvious advantage is the light weight, which again reduces costs in manufacturing, logistics and installation.

In the below mentioned links you can find the fire proof doors in         45 kgs, 73 kgs, 79 kgs or 90 kgs / unit.

These doors have traditionally been installed offshore. However, they are also fit for purpose as tunnel safety equipment, and 600 units have been ordered for the world’s longest subsea tunnel, RYFAST, which is 14 km.

Below you find datasheets for the type approved models.

Single light duty XFD-H-A60 TYPE 01

Single Light Duty XFD-H-A60-TYPE02

Single Medium Heavy Duty XFD-H-A60 Type 03

XFD H B15 Type 01